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Xeno Assault 1.4

Xeno Assault is a great arcade game with a great variety of game modes
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Xeno Assault comes with three different game modes, normal mode, agility mode and unknown mode, but only the normal mode is active in this demo. Under each mode you will find different missions, and for the normal mode you will find five of them, the names of the missions are: "They are coming", "Weight of numbers", "The war begins", "Invasion fleet" and "Mother is here", but in the demo only Mission II "Weight of numbers" is available. You can further configure your game choosing among 4 different difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and insane. The demo only blocks the insane difficulty level.
Pilot a space ship and destroy all the alien ships on your way, be sure to collect all the special bonuses like shields, weapons, extra time, extra bonus and extra life; most of these bonuses activate by themselves but there are some that don´t so in those cases you will have to use the fire button.
Be sure to raise your score and appear at the rankings higher scores.
You can play this game either using your keyboard key arrows and space bar or your mouse.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Great variety of game modes


  • The graphics could be better
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